Colbert Parodies Kim Jong-Un Weight Loss With 'Uns Of Steel' Video
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Colbert Parodies Kim Jong-Un Weight Loss With ‘Uns Of Steel’ Video

Stephen Colbert and The Late Show crew couldn’t help but have a little fun with Kim Jong-Un’s weight loss on Monday night. The North Korean dictator has been noticeably looking less plump as of late, so The Late Show decided to jump to the inevitable next step in Kim’s weight loss journey: Shilling his own workout video.

In a parody video for “Uns of Steel,” Kim promises his subjects that they can achieve the same head-turning results as their Dear Leader if they order today:

Greetings glorious people, it is me, Kim Jong-Un. You may not recognize me because I am now the hottie with the body. And now you too can achieve the same glorious results with my new workout video: Uns of Steel.

When one catches a glimpse of your glorious melon, they will say “Pyeong-Dang.” So order Uns of Steel today and get a one year supply of my Nutri-Shake: Kim-Fast.

While the “Uns of Steel” gag is great, nothing can top the beginning of the clip where Colbert aired actual footage of Fox News host Rachel Campos literally gushing about Kim Jong-Un’s new look. The anchor even went so far to say that the North Korean dictator “looks better than our president,” which is an objectively weird thing to say.

One, Campos is praising a fascist dictator who routinely threatens to nuke the U.S. Two, Biden is decades years older than Kim Jong-Un. Looking better than an almost octogenarian is kind of a low bar, don’t you think?

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