'WandaVision' Director Admits A Major Fan Theory Was Right All Along
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‘WandaVision’ Director Admits A Major Fan Theory Was Right All Along

In a move that’s sure to go over well with WandaVision fans, director Matt Shakman has revealed that at least two theories were heading in the right direction, but the show was edited at the last minute as Marvel monitored social media reactions. One of those theories is a particular doozy considering just last week Shakman had to temper expectations ahead of the series finale after fans seemingly read too much into Monica’s “aerospace engineer” contact being an important cameo. Turns out, the fans were right to pick up on the significance of the engineer because the show was building up to a character reveal that was scrapped while the show was still airing as fans started zeroing in on Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, who apparently was not the cameo.

Shakman admitted pulling the aerospace engineer reveal, and copped to purposefully teasing it in the show, while talking to Kevin Smith’s Fatman Beyond podcast. He also confirmed another popular WandaVision theory that Agatha’s bunny, Señor Scratchy, was hiding a dark secret. Via Heroic Hollywood:

Matt Shakman explained to Smith and Bernardin that originally, a sub-plot was filmed involving the twins, Monica, Darcy and Ralph Bohner as they attempted to steal the Darkhold from Agatha Harkness’ basement. It sounds like it would’ve teased more monstrous things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the director confirmed that Agatha’s rabbit, Scratchy, would’ve been revealed as a demon.

Shakman’s admission is pretty surprising considering there was a noticeable effort to chastise fans for reading too much into the show while coming up with WandaVision theories. Clearly, fans were doing what the creators intended by picking up on deliberate clues, so it’s only fair that they would be frustrated when those payoffs were pulled at the last second. However, WandaVision seems to be a huge hit with Marvel fans, so it’ll be interesting to see if there’s any backlash to this latest revelation, or if the show has built up enough goodwill that fans won’t even mind.

(Via Fatman Beyond)

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