Here are the 112 new emoji that'll soon be available on your phone
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Here are the 112 new emoji that’ll soon be available on your phone

New emoji are here!

On Wednesday, Unicode 14.0 was finally released, confirming the latest set of emoji characters that Emojipedia was speculating about back in July.

In short, that means we’ll soon have 112 new emoji — 37 brand new code points and 112 new skin-tone variations — to play with on our phones.

Here’s the full range, which remains unchanged from the potential list we saw a few months back. There have been no new additions and no cuts.

Credit: Emojipedia



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Emoji of note include the Pregnant Man and Pregnant Person emoji, which have been added as “part of Unicode’s ongoing effort to make gender options consistent for all emojis,” per Emojipedia. There’s also a Melting Face, a Lotus, a Hamsa, a Troll, a Mirror Ball, and – all importantly – a Nest With Eggs. Plus, there’s a Hand with Index Finger and Thumb Crossed, which is known as the “finger heart” to K-pop fans.

Unicode 14.0 releases today, with the new emoji making their way to phones in the coming months.

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