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Save $100 on an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5e tablet

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Use the S5e as a smart home speaker or take it on public transportation without a frantic search for WiFi.

Save $100: Samsung’s Galaxy S5e tablet (WiFi + LTE, 64GB)  is $100 off at Amazon as of Feb. 22, dropping it to a record low price of $379.99 ($20 cheaper than the WiFi-only model).

The Samsung Galaxy S5e with LTE connectivity is currently cheaper than its WiFi-only counterpart. Read that again. 

In an unprecedented move (according to CamelCamelCamel), the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5e tablet (64 GB) is up for grabs at $379.99, dubbing it more affordable than the 64GB WiFi model that retails at $399.99. Put that $100 savings toward covering a few months of the new addition to your cell phone plan.

This sale positions the S5e at an even bigger price advantage over the next step up in Samsung’s budget tablet line, the S6. Granted, the latter has a better processor and S-Pen functionality. But anyone who wants a tablet for streaming, gaming, and internet browsing (rather than design-heavy activities like graphic design or photo editing), going with the S5e won’t disappoint. Just ask all the iPad users who have never even given a single thought to buy the Apple Pencil.

The S5e really does shine in the entertainment department. Its bezels are (finally) slimmed and out of the way, making room for a 10.5-inch super AMOLED (2,560×1,600) display. Heightening the immersive experience, quad AKG-tuned speakers plus Dolby Atmos ensure crisp, distortion-free sound.

Samsung's S5e tablet sees a record-low sale price, plus free Youtube Premium

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