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Save $65 on Amazon in an early Cyber Monday deal

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The AeroGarden Harvest 360 can grow up to six plants at a time.

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Save $65: The AeroGarden Harvest 360 is on sale on Amazon for $84.95 through Nov. 29.

It’s nearly December and the days have certainly gotten shorter, but the lack of sunlight doesn’t have to equate to a lack of greenery in your home. 

The AeroGarden Harvest 360 is $65 off through Nov. 29, and it’s definitely worth grabbing. AeroGarden’s systems are perfect for even those without a green thumb. The control panel does the thinking for you. It tells you when to add water, reminds you when to add plant food, and automatically turns lights on and off. 

There isn’t even any messy soil to deal with. In fact, the full spectrum 20-watt LED high efficiency grow lights will grow your plants five times faster than those in soil. Yup, growing herbs and veggies straight from your countertop has never been this quick and easy. Get yours today for just under $85 to start enjoying fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and so much more. 

Add life to your countertop with $65 off this Aerogarden system

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