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Save $72 on the Eufy Smart Lock Touch

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Open the Eufy smart lock with your fingerprint, keypad, phone app, or key.

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Save $72: The secure and convenient Eufy Smart Lock Touch is on sale for $127.99, down from $199.99.

Bluetooth trackers are nice for knowing where your keys are, but they don’t actually help all that much if you still continue to forget to grab your keys as you head out the door. A smart lock is a game-changer, though, because you don’t even need a physical key — you can get in the door with your phone or fingerprint.

Eufy’s smart lock is a good option and as of March 5, it’s on sale for $127.99 at Amazon, saving you $72.

The Eufy lock doesn’t connect to WiFi, so there’s no remote locking when you’re away from your home. However, you can use your phone to open the lock when you’re within Bluetooth range. You can also unlock it with your fingerprint, keypad, or actual key.

Your door automatically locks when you shut it thanks to sensors within the lock, so you won’t have to wonder if you remembered to lock the door while you go about your day. The lock is also weatherproof and will still function even if it gets drenched from a storm.

The lock runs on AA batteries and only requires a screwdriver for installation — you can have it up and running in about 15 minutes. Grab the Eufy Smart Lock Touch while it’s on sale at Amazon March 5.

Unlock your door using your phone or fingerprint with this smart lock

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