Twitter is reportedly testing an 'undo send' button
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Twitter is reportedly testing an ‘undo send’ button

It’s not exactly the news we’ll continue to wait for, but it’s something. 

Twitter is reportedly testing an “undo send” feature for tweets, which isn’t exactly an edit button, but it’s part-way there. 

The news comes via app researcher and tipster Jane Manchun Wong, who posted a tweet with a GIF of how the feature would work. By the looks of it, a timer comes into play once a user hits send on a tweet, and for around five to six seconds, you’re able to hit ‘undo’ on your tweets. 

The feature looks like it’ll come in handy if you notice a typo or error in a tweet and want to fix it ASAP. But, from the GIF, it doesn’t look like you can see a preview of the tweet while the undo button timer is active, which might make spotting a typo a little tricky. 

Mashable reached out to Twitter to confirm the status of this feature.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has previously ruled out the prospect of an edit button, stating, “We’ll probably never do it.” But we’ll take this as a compromise. 

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