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Chelsea’s 2006 notes vs Barcelona leaked

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2006: Chelsea vs Barcelona

Chelsea’s scouting notes from their Champions League match against Barcelona in 2006 have been leaked online in the past few days.

That season Barcelona beat Chelsea 3-2 on aggregate.

After a 1-1 draw at the Camp Nou, Barcelona won 2-1 at Chelsea.

Author of the Chelsea notes

Jose Mourinho was in charge of Chelsea at the time.

However the Special One didn’t write these scouting notes.

Instead, as confirmed in the Times, that job was left to André Villas-Boas, who compiled the following report.

Stopping Leo Messi

Chelsea’s scouting notes have been leaked online by the Twitter account ‘Performance Analysis in Action’.

They’ve revealed how Jose Mourinho instructed his Chelsea players to stop Leo Messi by any means.

For the record, Messi was just 18 at the time of this match.

The Chelsea players were instructed, as follows:

If option is to foul him, [it] is important to do it outside the box and as early as possible.

It’s also worth noting that Chelsea players were also warned about Messi’s talent:

Quality + speed but very left footed. Exactly the same behaviours as Ronaldinho. Inside between lines or diagonals. Encourages team forward by ball driving. Amazing 1 vs 1.

Former Chelsea left-back Asier del Horno was sent off in the match against Barcelona for a nasty foul on Messi.

Del Horno landed his studs in Messi’s knee.

Was this dismissal a coincidence?

Chelseas 2006 notes vs Barcelona leaked - Chelsea's 2006 notes vs Barcelona leaked

Chelsea’s Asier del Horno vs Barcelona’s Leo Messi

Other Chelsea notes on Barcelona’s stars

The notes also revealed some other nuggets.

On Ronaldinho, who was Barcelona’s star player at the time, Chelsea noted how the South American liked to cheat:

Very poor defensive transition and defensive work – exploit. Constant cheater – falls easily.

Andreas Iniesta received praise from the Chelsea scouts:

Always comes on from the bench. Very dynamic player. Great radius of action. Speed of movement and speed of execution. Tricky player

Barcelona defender Carles Puyol was also assessed by the Blues:

Aggressive but very emotional. Gets crazy with the referee in fouls against him and goes mad in provocations.

Aggressive defender, plays in anticipation using body. Bad positional sense (comes to midfield with striker) and bad leadership of defence (wants to do offside when it’s not possible).

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