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Malaysia advanced to the next World Cup/Asian Cup qualifiers stage, after hammering Timor-Leste 5-1 in their second leg first play-off round tie.

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Malaysia advanced to the next World Cup/Asian Cup qualifiers stage, after hammering Timor-Leste 5-1 in their second leg first play-off round tie.


Ifwat Akmal – 7/10

The custodian still had a lot to do despite what the final scoreline may suggest, thanks to his defenders’ failure to keep it more airtight. A first half miscommunication saw him conceding a penalty and getting a booking for the foul, but he managed to save the ensuing spot-kick. He however could do little to save Timor-Leste’s only goal of the match, in the second half.

Matthew Davies – 7/10

The right back did not take part in the attacks as actively as he did in the first leg, and did not a register any assist or goal. He was taken off to give way to Kenny Pallraj in the second half.

Adam Nor Azlin – 6/10

The centre back showed that his partnership with Shahrul needs working on if Malaysia are serious about taking on the big boys in the next qualifying rounds. Despite playing against minnows, they still managed to concede a goal and unravel defensively .

Shahrul Saad – 6/10

The centre back could not lead Malaysia’s defence produce a soild defensive performance, and they were repeatedly troubled by the minnows’ attacks.

Syazwan Andik – 7/10

Appearing in place of La’Vere Corbin-Ong, the left back wasn’t as sharp in defence, but still did well enough in attack to provide two assists.

Akram Mahinan – 7/10

Despite playing against an unfancied side, the defensive midfielder perhaps could have done more to help out in defence, on a night the Malaysia defence was caught on the break by their opponents a little too often.

Azam Azih – 7/10

The midfielder did not have a lot to do on a night Malaysia’s attackers kept the ball in the final third for most of the 90 minutes.

Mohamadou Sumareh – 7/10

The winger worked just as hard as he did in the first leg, and was rewarded with a goal, but found it a little difficult to play without Safawi Rasid, when their partnership in the previous match produced most of the goals.

Akhyar Rashid – 8/10 (Man of the Match)

Starting in place of his JDT teammate Safawi, the forward proved just as, if not more, dangerous. He proved to be the biggest threat among the Malaysia attackers with his dribbles and runs, and on a night he showed more selflessness, came away with two assists, won a penalty, on top of bagging one goal.

Shahrel Fikri – 8/10

The forward scored two goals in the first half, but failed to make it three with the penalty he missed in the second, after pleading with Mohamadou Sumareh to have a go at it himself. But he nevertheless made up for it minutes later by stealing possession of the ball, going on a solo run and slotting it past the goalkeeper to bag the hat-trick. His partnership with Sumareh was not as effective as that of the Gambian’s with Safawi 

Norshahrul Idlan Talaha – 6/10

The veteran forward was a quiet presence throughout the night against a side that was defensively frail. Was taken off part-way through the second half.


Faiz Nasir, Kenny Pallraj, Syamer Kutty – NA

Second half changes who did not make a big impact on the encounter.

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