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Amrouche: Nyamweya tells FKF to carry own cross

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Nyamweya FKF aspirants call for Normalisation Committee to oversee - Amrouche: Nyamweya tells FKF to carry own cross

The veteran administrator is of the opinion the current regime should be held responsible for their ignorance

Former Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President Sam Nyamweya has asked the current regime to stop associating him with the Adel Amrouche issue.

The Federation was ordered to pay the Algerian Ksh 109m for wrongful dismissal from his position as the Harambee Stars head coach. In a statement signed by CEO Barry Otieno, the federation claims the former president is the reason why they are paying the fine.

“Dragging my name into their arrogant failure to honour a substantive contract in the manner Mr. Otieno is purporting to do is laughable yet unfortunate, principally because it exposes the incompetence that has been resident at Kandanda House for the past four years,” Nyamweya said in a statement obtained by Goal.

“Little wonder they were unable to respect the rule of law, FIFA Statutes and even their own constitution leading to the earth-shaking decision by the Sports Disputes Tribunal on March 17th, 2020. Unfortunately, Mr. Otieno has resorted to unmerited propaganda after the administration he has served failed to play its part.”

Nyamweya has explained why he should not be held accountable for what the federation is facing.

“In my handing brief to my successor Nick Mwendwa, I did include the situation about Adel Amrouche and Bobby Williamson as national men’s team coaches,” he continued.

“I did clarify the situation of both of them and explained in a letter which was sent to the Ministry of Sports dated 5th February 2016 on the same and asked Mr. Mwendwa to follow up with the government which was then paying the national team coach.”

The veteran administrator states incumbent Nick Mwendwa and CEO Otieno should take full responsibility and at the same time asked the government to intervene and investigate the whole issue.

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“The [FKF] must be forced to take individual responsibility that even when the writing was on the wall that the FKF needed to take change tack in dealing with the issue and even engage in dialogue, they maintained their arrogant demeanour that has imposed a further KSh4 million,” Nyamweya added.

“I invite the government to investigate the conduct of the individuals who served with Mr. Mwendwa to bring to book the culprits that have visited untold plunder of resources at the federation because this conduct is a manifestation of how things are not right at Kandands House in the context of prudent financial management.”

The FKF has a month to pay Amrouche his compensation or risk sanctions by Fifa.

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